Marvel Ultimate Alliance: Kvíz – Akt 4

PC PS3 PS4 Xbox 360 Xbox One

Kompletní seznam odpovědí ke kvízu ve 4. aktu, který se odehrává v Attilanu.

  1. In the Blue Area of the Moon
  2. Breathe in the Terrigen Mist
  3. The Lethal Legion
  4. Operation: Rebirth
  5. Zarathos
  6. Were experimented on by the Kree
  7. His voice is so powerful it could level a mountain
  8. Makes a mini-earthquake
  9. An alien named Galan
  10. Defeat the Fantastic Four
  11. Cyclops
  12. Kill the Avengers
  13. Vibranium
  14. Karen Page
  15. The merc with the mouth
  16. The One
  17. Destroyed half of Attilan
  18. The Kree
  19. Birds
  20. New York
  21. King Vladimir
  22. The Infinity Formula
  23. Invisible Girl
  24. The Crusher
  25. Ants
  26. Stark International
  27. Norrin Radd
  28. Romantically involved with Magneto
  29. It was devoured by Galactus
  30. Shi’ar prisoners
  31. Black Bolt
  32. To escape humans and their pollution
  33. Psyche-Magnitron
  34. The Howling Commandos
  35. Yes and she´s young woman
  36. He violated a truce between
  37. Colossus throws Wolverine at an enemy
  38. Achmed el-Gibar
  39. The Power Cosmic
  40. The Ultimate Nullifier
  41. To see the weakness in any item, person or plan
  42. Reed Richards
  43. Loyal only to Lilandra
  44. Namor
  45. Reed Richards
  46. Stone
  47. Shortening the handle
  48. Control fire, water, earth and air
  49. In a soundproof room
  50. With a special sign language
  51. Thor´s hammer


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